Poem for the Day

A poem a day by Arthur J Plant

Jul 22

The Summer Melt

Couples stay in the shadows
the gentlemen keep their umbrellas
hats have become the new order
children walk slowly between doors
the police have no suspect to chase
the crime wave evaporated on the street
bronzing bodies stalking around café bars
selling more frappes but producing less talk
the shop is all sold out of water.

Jul 21

New Horizons

I am about to move to a new window
a new space offering new programming
documenting the world spinning easily by
the shadows of cats shifting on the walls
scored with the cackle of a couple
very much in love and keen to live it
different piles of garbage on the corners
making their presence known in a different way,
easy to dismiss the traffic as the same in shoes
the expert window observer looks further up
where the face and it’s tensions will always be found
in all different hues around the clock.

Jul 20

Sanctuary Water

I have claimed my sanctuary in the shower
the drumming drowning the demons
that like to whisper in my ear
on the still and silent nights
that the street lamp cannot pierce.

The day is hot but I am warm
my limbs are tired but revived
my busy mind has emptied
with the preoccupations of cleanliness
and the rhythms of my body.

Jul 19

Hot Fashion Advice

Sweating is today hot new trend
young and old slouched back
as the heat permeates all matter
even the walls are greasing themselves
building descending softly into the roads
so you got to be still to be with it
it’s impossible to be cool
so let the heat wash over you
sweating is what all the kids are doing.

Jul 18

The Price

In a few moments the field became one of death
captured fires sucking away smiling souls
until seared flesh and shattered bones only were left
dropping out of the sun, cursed rain for the earth
so terrible even war holds it’s breath
bitter men realising far too late
the reach of pride
and the price of anger.

Jul 17

The Night Of Ragnarök

It was the night of Ragnarök,
even the feral creatures
skulking in city’s alleys
were silent, patient in the dark
waiting for the gods above
to have their business with each other,
light, heat and noise drowning the people
in their beds, in their homes, on the streets
the water and the bellows washing it all away
as the Earth quaked and was blinded
by some immortal shattering and howl
while the feral creatures waited in the dark
watching heaven and Earth be cleansed
waiting to emerge
on their own sunny dawn.

Jul 16

Smoke & Shame

We can see the smoke
vast columns scraping the sky
across the oceans.

The winds carry lies
mixed with the bloodied weeping
of someone’s dead child.

Night is lit again
and we turn away in shame
all we have is talk.

Jul 15

Avian Realities

And then the money caught fire
air marshals scratching each others heads
while smoke laughed it’s way skyward
another billion dollars to repair
chuckling wheeling about
the heads of the apes
who would accept as is
the avian daily reality.

Jul 14

Differing Views

Lie down and get a different angle
the forest sprouting from the wall
and the people opening ceiling doors
dogs rolling in the sky
birds soaring through the floor
constantly falling away
the traffic driving itself up and over
children running under and through
dancing the ball down and up the vertical
three-fifteen on an old clock is nine in the morning
double back home on the old plane
for old time’s sake.

Jul 13


I’m not into any of the sport on today
even to watch the effort frightens the brain
slow piano over the radio plays the evening on
a book of dour drama for a dour body
arrested on the bed by the weather,
a cheer echoes from a window somewhere
but I am far far away.

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