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Feb 16

I Dream Of England

Of many peoples
mingling together,
eyeing one another in mutual suspicion
I dream of England.

Of motorways,
dirty foreboding strips
trapping thousands in their maw
I dream of England.

Of newspapers,
pandering rags
lying in exclusively in bold print
I dream of England.

Of dirty women
with tight hair and foul mouths
smoking laboriously on street corners
I dream of England.

Of football fans
who spend £50 on the strip
and never kick a ball in anger
I dream of England.

Of myself,
struggling to survive,
enthralled by a world I love and hate
I dream of England.

Feb 4


To sleep,
to wrap yourself tight
in the many folds of a blanket
like a child curled in the womb.
To sit and let slumber’s sweet spectre
pull your eyelids close with many gentle tugs
as you sink deeper into a ageing sofa.
To squeeze another person closely
gripping firm like a monkey on a strong bough
and let every broken worried thought melt from you.
To drop everything,
the paper and bullshit that clogs
to float away unladen.

Perchance to dream,
to engage your R.E.M.
slip into your own mystic pool
and the surrealist collective of your creation.
To feel your soul chased,
fleeing through twisted mental corridors
or halt, recognising the fallacy of the illusion.
To unleash the hot blood on your mind,
discover yourself in supernatural embraces
unlocking the lust and anguish of your animalism.
To be visited by heaven,
laying upon a green moor you never visited
and see the impossible motions of stars.