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Apr 15

What We Want

We don’t want a revolution
just a little understanding
some blank wall to write a modest signature
and walk away home
leaving the rest to ponder it’s meeting.

We don’t want to silence the world
just five minutes to be heard
polite appreciation for a little while
while we get time on stage
even if you feign it.

We don’t need all of your love
we don’t desire a certificate just for being us
all we demand is a chance
to take same shot everyone else has
that’s what we want and all we ask.

Apr 14

Holiday Needed

It is dark and I am home
the dust of a bachelor
stinking the air
while elevated lights
blink their usual welcome
from over the rooftops
badges of distinction
for a twenty first century lifestyle
I need another holiday immediatly
just to get a break from.

Apr 13

Moon Rocking

I’m on my roof getting a signal
wind whispers whistling
over a moon rocking with secrets
getting repeats of the old news
that keeps a soul warm at night
a friendly face I haven’t seen before
but had heard about through a shared name
or a shared time, some time, time ago
when we could smile face to face
but time and distance over mountains and oceans
necessitate the wind, from point to point
ears and eyes open
moon rocking.

Apr 12

Birds and The Cat

The birds have no anxiety
jostling in their chaotic society
around the fat hanging plentifully
though I know the neighbourhood cat
will be stalking them all the night through
yet there they are for a moment merry
and I watch from my safe little life
forever feeling the clawing at my back.

Apr 11

My Own Money

I’m looking for the money with my face on it
drifting in the breeze, catching on trees
scattered in pennies in city storm drains
being washed away, one by one
with every rain storm
and every snowfall
and every hot day that pinches the eyes
searching for that money
the money with my name on it
the money with my face on it.

Apr 10

Shining Sisters

Mars and the Earth are in opposition
vibrating with energy
winds sweeping over mountains
plates shattering against each other
vestige of a puberty shared
in volcanic ash and the making of water
red and blue sisters
spinning in unison but never in obedience
flirting with whatever comes their way
hot beating hearts apart
shining souls to one another.

Apr 9

Running Still

The river runs still,
a school abandoned
while the ball rolls slow
across it’s concrete yards,
silence on the fields
no cars, no trucks,
the sky is lead
the shop is open
there is no one to serve.

Apr 8

Land Of Rain

I have returned to the wind and rain
water chasing over the slick sleek earth
as I applaud from the hillside
scaring lambs to their mothers with my cheers,
a great artist lives in the house yonder
but I’ll wager he’s never produced so great a work
as these crowding hills melting in the downpour
masked by the contented sighs of grasses
growing verdantly richer with each pass.

Apr 7

Machine City

The machines run the city now
a single man standing by
on the rare chances for a question
while the doors sweep back and forth
for the organics pushing through
at one-hundred-thirty a hot minute,
sellers blinking on the walls
argue with the ticket boxes
jostling for that moment’s attention,
take a printed newspaper for novelty’s sake
leave an electric coin on the pad,
outside lights direct automobiles
we won’t need to drive for much longer.

Apr 6

The Damp

The damp has returned,
buildings melting like bad pudding
swallowing dogs caught unawares
as we run screaming from our cars,
roads running away in the rain
with all our works into the drain
until all there is left is a blank page
and the trees bursting
in Spring’s merry paintbox.

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