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Sep 20

Decompression Technique

Open the window
let all the air out
the rush tousling your hair
all cares deflating on the sill’s sharp edges
put yourself in a vacuum
save all your breath for yourself.

Sep 19

In Pursuit of Happiness

There’s happiness in this city somewhere
I can’t see it over the building
I can’t smell it among the garbage
but I know it’s here,
so I root and scrape and crawl in the filth
that the less anxious leave in the wake
of fortunes they never believe they have
drinking deeply in homes or at cafés
while I kick the rats fighting in the alley
over plastic bags that may contain bread
but at least they know what they need.

Sep 18

The Democratic Nightmare

Like a nightmare hiding in the closet
democracy waits,
Prime Ministers quaking out of their socks
every night before a vote:
That unbearable event
of giving the general public
a decision to make
(as if they deserve it).

Sometimes it changes nothing
the other times are all just bloody terrible,
debates with opinions from other people
rattling around the House
in the unnecessary manner of people
who just like to make things difficult
for poor tired Prime Ministers
but that’s democracy for you

Sep 17

Bad Planet Days

There’s nowhere to relax on this planet
it’s all corners and floors at odd angles
bright lights and loud wallpapers,
nothing rolls, undulates, or stretches anymore
nothing gives
people stamping from hour to hour
tripping over the edge of each day
tumbling helpless into the next
even in dreams nothing and nobody soars
there is only falling.

Sep 16

Summer Dreams

The last of the summer lies still
and the haze has returned
shrouding the far off world
until it seems as if from somewhere else,
a story, a memory, or a picture
still in motion and yet intangible
until invaded, molested, tampered with
and even then a body can walk
and leave it as a dream again,
but why walk?
The last of the summer lies still
and surrounded by intangibles
I lie with it.

Sep 15

The Next Test

It’s time for another test,
my sleeves are rolled up metaphorically
because this one happens to not be
a roll-up-your-sleeves sort of job.

I might succeed, I can succeed, I will succeed
I might not, I can’t, I won’t
but I will attempt
even if I don’t want to.

I sit and visualise the victory
and I find relief
anxiety rattling me towards a conclusion
let’s get it over with.

Sep 14

Busy Weather

I’ve been waving to the clouds -
“Come in” I say. “Come in.
Bring the sun and the rain with you
it’s time for a party
and I don’t mind a little mess”
and they wave back but keep going
they are all very very busy
so my house stays clean.

Sep 13

Bright Lit Heads

We carry so much for the sake “communicating” with each other
and we use it to plug all the holes of our mind
lights to drown out the auras we might share with one another
speakers and tones stopping out conversations dead
until we are left as blazing shadows opposite the dinner table
florescent avatars distracting lives we might ignore
but are always living and sharing with each other
even when we don’t notice, heads down in bright light.

Sep 12

The Play

The boy was played
and the money was gone
all that was left
was for the cops to play out
and the loser to laugh along after.

Sep 11


The week is marked only
by the tides of post-its and reminders
lining the walls of a room
shifting with the buds
of incomplete works
and jobs never done
though I always mean to,
occasionally I can tear a fistful
and clear a little oasis
of old beige to stare into
until I am devoured by it
and some new to-dos
blossom over it again.

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