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Sep 30

Strange In The Night

You’ll find strange things in the night
shadows of yourself drifting over cars
while ghosts play with the drapes,
half-heard footsteps from no one in particular
while the city familiars patrol the guiding scents,
food and loud music kicks you harder
lights and flashes shock you harder
conversations etching themselves as images
right behind your eyes
where you can store them pristine,
mind and body wandering in different directions
while the ones who do not wander
find nothing
never wondering about the strange things
that exist only at night.

Sep 29

Concrete Shoes

I shall spend tomorrow in concrete shoes
so as to be kept still
and not disturbed by the currents of air
or the water that travels on them
or the forces of violence that occur
when two collide,
I shall neither float or glide
under influence of music
nor flee from the room
when silence threatens,
the faces can swim by as they please
tomorrow I’m not going anywhere.

Sep 28

Music and Songs

Space the music out
we need a little time to gather ourselves
there’s another fight coming up
and pretty soon we aren’t going to be allowed
to sleep soundly at night,
space the music out
we’ll all be singing songs tomorrow.

Sep 27

A Dark Sea

I have dark words that need expressing
blasted worlds spinning in my brain
filled with terrible shadows of dead things
that cannot yet be explored,
a chaotic sea under a dread night
after all the firmament has been wiped away
waits for a compass to puncture it
but I cannot go there yet,
there is too much that is too necessary
to distract me,
I carry the sea with me.

Sep 26

Rumours and Signs

All your mistakes are just nasty rumours
that occasionally ripple the more pitiful public houses
but are worth no honest attention,
all your success is a brass plaque
prominent in it’s modesty
unnoticed by most strangers
except for those from the fan club
that visit regularly, just to be there
where it all happened.

Sep 25

The War Plan

Presidents and Prime Ministers look to war
do not see a need for any plan
the war is the plan,
Death standing with it’s bony hands
pressed on their temples
and will not allow any thought through
until a plan of war and war only
has been committed.

With customary solemnity
and great excitement the order is signed,
and our killing is exported
to where the killing is already,
Death stalking the camps and the mountains
smiling at the children bloody maimed
squeezing the wringing hands of women
marking the places where men are not,
tirelessly following the plan through
in absence of any other.

Sep 24

It’s Living

“Living” is whatever does it for you,
the activity you instinctively retreat to
after the requisite thirty seconds of existential dread
filling out your monthly quota,
writing a song, painting a song,
listening to a song with your genitals hanging out
while the cold wind blows through the curtains,
video games from 3pm to 3 am,
breakfast at noon, lunch at five-twenty,
supper whatever you pull out of the fridge
drinking the rest of the time
sleeping all the while after that,
Vivaldi pumping of the stereo
while sitting deathly still with the family dog,
watching the birds ruffling themselves outside,
because it’s living, for you.

Sep 22

Masters Of Noise

The masters of noise are on the move again
roving with their parties causing unnecessary headaches
to well meaning people trying to follow their nonsense
at seven thirty over bleary Sunday breakfast,
threading multiple of filled silence
through each and every subject of any interest,
any importance, any relation to anything
babbling dictionaries for hours on end
but never ever telling any kind of story.

Sep 21

The Old Weight

Our youth have become shackled
to wastes heavy with ambitions
that are no use now, or were ever
but refuse to drop with the old age
subsidised, with the promise
that they will still be subsidising it
long after they are denied the same,
the world has stopped turning,
no new days are coming
until the old weight leaves
or is otherwise disposed of.

Sep 20

Decompression Technique

Open the window
let all the air out
the rush tousling your hair
all cares deflating on the sill’s sharp edges
put yourself in a vacuum
save all your breath for yourself.

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